Depth, not breadth. Context, not clickbait. Constructive, not cynical.

The Sprawl is a made-in-Calgary reinvention of journalism in tough times. Instead of scolding Calgarians about paying for news, we take a positive approach. Nothing is behind a paywall. We go out and do the work—and then invite you to be part of it.

Everything we do is guided by the 11 principles of the Sprawl Manifesto. We seek solutions in our reporting rather than just gleefully pointing out mistakes. We ask: as a city, what can we learn from this situation? And how can our journalism contribute to a better, more connected Calgary?

If this sounds like your jam, we'd love to have you on board as a monthly member!

PLEASE NOTE: This system is in beta and isn't being publicly circulated yet. We are testing with a few members before we roll it out to everyone.

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Why Calgarians support The Sprawl


Our new system, which uses Stripe, is all in Canadian dollars. That means when you support the Sprawl for $5 or $10 a month, you pay $5 or $10 a month, period.

When do I get charged each month on the new system?

You get charged immediately on the day you sign up, and monthly thereafter on that day of the month.

I already support The Sprawl on Patreon and don't want the hassle of switching over. Can I stay on Patreon?

Absolutely. Our Patreon account isn’t going anywhere. The new system is to give another option for those who prefer to support The Sprawl in Canadian dollars.

How do I change or cancel my monthly Sprawl membership after I’ve signed up on the new system?

Email us at and we’ll see it through.