Relentlessly curious.
Unabashedly local.
Refreshingly slow.

The Sprawl began in 2017 as a Calgary pop-up journalism experiment and a "slow journalism" antidote to non-stop breaking news. In keeping with our pop-up roots, we focus on digging deep into one local story at a time rather than trying to cover everything at once. We experiment with different formats as we go, including radio/podcast (for our show Sprawlcast), comics, zines... and more!

The Sprawl is a trailblazer of crowdfunded local journalism in Canada. We rely on the support of readers and listeners who value our work.

In 2023, The Sprawl was named Alberta Magazine of the Year by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association.

Our vision

A city where all Calgarians are curious and connected.

Our mission

Connecting Calgarians with their city—and each other—through in-depth, curiosity-driven journalism.

Our values

Depth over breadth. Rather than trying to cover everything all the time, we go deep one issue at a time.

Curiosity over cynicism. In a world of strident certainties, we approach our work, and our city, with inquisitiveness.

Reflectiveness over reactiveness. Instead of being guided by the social media controversies of the day, we offer a thoughtful antidote.

Jeremy Klaszus

Jeremy Klaszus
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Jeremy Klaszus is a Calgary journalist who has been reporting on the city for more than 20 years. He launched The Sprawl in 2017 to help fill the ever-widening gaps in the city's media landscape. Prior to launching The Sprawl, he was a staff writer for Fast Forward Weekly, a columnist for the Calgary Herald and Metro, and a radio reporter for CBC. He is the host of Sprawlcast, Calgary's in-depth civic affairs podcast, which also airs on CJSW 90.9 FM.

Sam Hester

Sam Hester
Comics Artist

Sam Hester is a Calgary-based graphic recorder and longtime indie comics creator who has collaborated with a wide range of organizations in Canada. She captures visual stories by drawing upon deep listening skills, a unique graphic style, a passion for community-building… and a lot of markers. Her 2021 TED Talk on how comics can create better health care has been viewed nearly two million times.

Chris Pecora

Chris Pecora

Since creating The Sprawl's logo in 2017, Chris continues to shape the publication's visual identity through graphic design and illustration. His other work includes printmaking, exhibition design, maps and publishing. Chris is also ½ of Slugger Studio, the “fun stuff only” graphic arts and mural conglomerate.