Relentlessly curious.
Unabashedly local.
Refreshingly slow.

Our vision

A city where all Calgarians are curious and connected.

Our mission

Connecting Calgarians with their city—and each other—through in-depth, curiosity-driven journalism.

Our values

Depth over breadth. Rather than trying to cover everything all the time, we go deep one issue at a time.

Curiosity over cynicism. In a world of strident certainties, we approach our work, and our city, with inquisitiveness.

Reflectiveness over reactiveness. Instead of being guided by the social media controversies of the day, we offer a thoughtful antidote.

Jeremy Klaszus

Jeremy Klaszus

Jeremy Klaszus is a Calgary journalist who has been reporting on city politics for nearly two decades. He launched The Sprawl in 2017 to help fill the ever-widening gaps in the city's media landscape. Prior to starting The Sprawl, he was a staff writer for Fast Forward Weekly, a columnist for the Calgary Herald and Metro, and a radio reporter for CBC. A two-time winner of National Magazine Awards, he was also a freelance writer for Swerve, Alberta Views and Monocle.

Sam Hester

Sam Hester
Comics Artist

Sam Hester is a Calgary-based graphic recorder and longtime indie comics creator who has collaborated with a wide range of organizations in Canada. She captures visual stories by drawing upon deep listening skills, a unique graphic style, a passion for community-building… and a lot of markers. Her 2021 TED Talk on how comics can create better health care has been viewed nearly two million times.