Journalistic Ethics

We adhere to a set of journalistic principles to ensure fairness, transparency and accuracy.

1) Fairness. We give people, companies or organizations that are publicly accused or criticized a chance to respond before we publish those criticisms or accusations. We make a genuine and reasonable effort to contact them and if they decline to comment, we say so.

2) Accuracy. Our reporting is fact-based, non-partisan and accurate. When we make a mistake, whether in fact or in context, we correct it promptly and in a transparent manner, acknowledging the nature of the error.

3) Transparency. We’re clear with readers about our funding and revenue sources. Readers can easily find out who we are and how to get in touch with us at our contact page. All stories are bylined.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We recognize that systemic racism and discrimination have created a society where the voices of many Calgarians aren’t uplifted. We are committed to amplifying these voices by publishing the work of journalists and writers from a variety of underrepresented backgrounds.

Equity and diversity informs editorial planning, source cultivation, editing practices and art direction. Our reporting sheds light on systemic barriers and historic challenges and will reference these issues when contextualizing breaking news.

The Sprawl participates in the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) annual diversity survey and endorses the seven calls to action on media diversity from the Canadian Association of Black Journalists and Canadian Journalists of Colour.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact us at