Meet David, hero of Calgary (or at least Ward 7)

He is ON IT.

Want to know what a hero looks like? Take a good look at David Hoskyn, owner of Monarch Music Services.

He was the sound guy at yesterday’s Ward 7 candidates forum at the Montgomery Community Association, where candidates were given a time limit of two minutes when answering questions.

Whenever a candidate went long, Hoskyn unflinchingly punched the mute button for their mic. Each time, we looked over and saw him standing over his soundboard, positively beaming.

He was ON IT.

Having sat through too many forums where candidates (or questioners, or moderators) are allowed to go on for too long, we think Hoskyn should teach a master class on doing sound at forums.

Does our hero feel any guilt when he punches that little red button, cutting a long-winded candidate off mid-sentence?

“Absolutely none,” he said. “Everybody gets a fair shake, and two minutes is two minutes.”

Like we said.


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