Photo: Gavin John

Printer’s hours’ at Sprawl HQ

There will be more in 2024.

Last weekend we held our second "printer's hours" for Sprawl members.

And once again it was a lot of fun!

Cards were printed on the Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 press, Curious Calgary zines were folded and friends were made. With a chair for standing at the printing press, kids got in on it too.

Photos: Gavin John

We plan to do more of these in the New Year.

In related news, Sam Hester and I are sitting down next week to hash out a version of this that we can deploy in the community, particularly for kids.

We haven't been mucking around with printing presses and zines just for the fun of it (although it is fun!). We want to find creative ways to engage Calgarians in cultivating a deeper understanding of their city—even as we seek to do the same.

We've been scoping out interest from other organizations we could collaborate with on pop-up projects. The good news: They have been keen. The bad news: They have been keen!

It's easiest when someone says: "We can fit you into this slot, you have this much time, make it count!" But it's been left pretty wide open for us to design something. Now we have to figure out what we want to do.

We want to find creative ways to engage Calgarians in cultivating a deeper understanding of their city — even as we seek to do the same.

Hmmmm! It feels like we are laying the groundwork for a new adventure for 2024. (I'd love to test our printing-press-and-zines setup at one or two events. If you have any ideas, let me know by replying to this email!)

Meanwhile, I am neck-deep in the next Sprawlcast, a deep dive on a complicated situation. This is my favourite kind of episode to do—one that requires tons of research, many interviews, and time to understand and weave it all together.

I was encouraged, after a full day of reporting on Tuesday, to come home and find this note (and a cheque!) in my mailbox.

Getting a note like this makes my day. It's contributions like this that make our work possible.

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Jeremy Klaszus is editor-in-chief of The Sprawl.

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