Speaking out for dignity of all is not a nice-to-have’: Nenshi

We asked: what’s the mayor’s role in dealing with hate?

Earlier in the campaign, we asked mayoral candidates Bill Smith and Andre Chabot how, if elected, they would address the issue of hate rallies and public displays of white supremacy in Calgary.

On Sunday night, at the Ward 3 forum at Vivo, we asked that same question of incumbent Naheed Nenshi.

“Number one is we use our platform and our podium,” Nenshi said. “Politicians need, every single time they talk to the community, to talk about the dignity of every single human being in the community.”

“It’s not a nice-to-have. It’s essential to what we do every single day.”

See Nenshi’s response below.

Here is the earlier video with Smith’s and Chabot’s responses:

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