Sprawl Kids: Let’s make a radio show!

Here’s your assignment.

Yesterday I was putting together the next Sprawl Kids project when I thought—hold on a second.

For the last Sprawl Kids assignment, we asked you to make a short radio report about one of your family members.

We got some submissions back—and when I finally listened to them yesterday (these have been busy times in the Sprawl newsroom), I was blown away. Your reports are so good!

At first I was thinking of just tacking a few of these stories onto our usual coverage on our podcast/radio show, Sprawlcast. But after hearing some of your work, I'd like to make an entire Sprawl Kids episode—and I'd like you to be part of it!

This show will be heard in two places: on our podcast, and broadcast over the airwaves on CJSW 90.9FM. We will let you know when the show airs, so you can tune in and listen.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's your assignment! Due April 21

Interview one of your family members (for example, a parent or grandparent) about their childhood. Specifically, ask them to tell you about a difficult time they once had—and how they got through it.

  • Do the interview in person or remotely by phone or video call.
  • Then make a short audio recording of yourself—three minutes max!—sharing what you learned. Use your first name only.
  • Make sure to include: who you interviewed, what they said and what you learned from it.
  • You can get a parent to help you make a recording on a smartphone or computer. On iPhone, you can use the Voice Memos app. Android phones have similar apps.
  • It helps a lot to go into a quiet room and throw a blanket over your head, and the phone, while you're recording. Believe it or not, the journalists you hear on the radio do this to make a quality recording that can be broadcast on air.

Please listen to your recording afterward to make sure it's good and clear.

Here's how you file your story to our news desk: Have a parent email your recording to hello@sprawlcalgary.com by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21.

Have fun with it and stay safe!

Jeremy Klaszus is editor-in-chief of The Sprawl.

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