Ward 11 candidates on the SW BRT

Linda Johnson, Janet Eremenko, Keith Simmons and Robert Dickinson tell us what they think

At the Ward 11 candidate forum in Cliff Bungalow-Mission on September 25, we asked all of the candidates present—Linda Johnson, Janet Eremenko, Keith Simmons and Robert Dickinson—whether they support the SW BRT project.

Candidate Jeromy Farkas was not at the forum (he’d confirmed his attendance but withdrew last week, according to organizers). He has said he opposes the project, and that any major reconstruction on 14 St. S.W. should be delayed until after the southwest portion of the ring road is completed, currently scheduled for 2021.

Here’s what the others had to say.

P.S. Our apologies to candidate Keith Simmons. We got a new iPhone mic on the weekend, the Shure MV88, and it went buggy in a key part of his video interview. He said “we definitely need more transit” in the part of the video where the mic briefly goes on the fritz.

We’d also like to note that the mic in question was recommended to us by Erin Collins of the CBC.

P.P.S. We consider this to be an act of sabotage by Mr. Collins and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. We will be responding accordingly. With indignant tweets, mostly.

P.P.P.S. Anyway—sorry Keith!

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