Calgary-Mountain View forum in Renfrew. Photo: Jeremy Klaszus

Find your Calgary candidate forum

Dates, locations and live-streams.

With the Alberta 2019 election now in the homestretch, we are turning our attention to the many candidate forums happening around town.

As we did in the 2017 municipal election, The Sprawl will be live-streaming these forums on Facebook and making the video available afterward. (See below.) That way you still have a chance to hear from your candidates—even if you can't make it to the forum.

But! If you can make it to a forum, you definitely should!

Community volunteers are working hard to make these events happen. Plus, it's good for you to be crammed in a room with people who see things differently than you do.

Here are the forums happening (and that have already happened) in Calgary before Election Day, April 16. Please help us make this list comprehensive! If you know of a forum that's not on this list, please let us know on Twitter, or email us at

We try to live-stream forums where we can. Here is where we will put our video—and links to other video streams—after forums are finished.

Calgary riding forums

Calgary-Acadia (watch Haysboro Community video here)
April 11, Haysboro Community Association

Candidates present: Kate Andrews (NDP), Lana Bentley (Alberta Party), Patrick Reilly (Alberta Independence Party), Lorissa Good (Liberals).

Absent: Tyler Shandro (UCP), Amanda Bishop (Green Party)

Thursday, April 11
7pm - 9pm
Huntington Hills Community Hall Gym (520 78 Ave NW)

Wednesday, April 10
Doors at 5:30pm, forum starts at 6pm
Kerby Centre (1133 7 Ave SW)

Calgary-Cross (watch Sprawl video here)
April 8, Marlborough Community Association

Candidates present: Mickey Amery (UCP), Braham Luddu (Alberta Party), Naser Al-Kukhun (Liberal), Ricardo Miranda (NDP)

Absent: None!

Calgary-Cross forum in Marlborough. Photo: Jeremy Klaszus

Friday, April 12
Killarney Community Association

Calgary-East (watch Sprawl video here)
April 13, Forest Lawn Library

Candidates present: Cesar Cala (NDP), Michelle Robinson (Liberal), William Carnegie (Green), Gar Gar (Alberta Party)

Absent: Peter Singh (UCP), Jonathan Trautman (Communist)

Calgary-Klein (watch Sprawl video here)
April 11, Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association

Candidates present: Kara Levis (Alberta Party), Jeremy Nixon (UCP), CW Alexander (Independence Party), Craig Coolahan (NDP), Janine St. Jean (Green Party)

Absent: Michael MacDonald (Liberals)

Calgary-Mountain View (watch Sprawl video here)
April 5, Renfrew Community Association

Candidates present: Kathleen Ganley (NDP), Angela Kokott (Alberta Party), Jeremy Wong (UCP), Monica Friesz (Alberta Independence Party), Thana Boonlert (Green) and David Khan (Liberal).

Absent: None!

Calgary-Mountain View all-candidate forum at Renfrew Community Association, April 5. Photo: Jeremy Klaszus

Calgary-North (watch Sprawl video here)
April 7, VIVO

Candidates present: Gary Arora (Alberta Party), Saliha Haq (Liberal), Kelly Mandryk (NDP)

Absent: Muhammad Yaseen (UCP), Brad Hopkins (Alberta Independence Party)

Calgary-North East (watch Sprawl video here)
April 7, VIVO

Candidates present: Gurbachan Brar (NDP), Nate Pike (Alberta Party), Gul Khan (Liberal).

Absent: Rajan Sawhney (UCP)

Calgary-North East forum at VIVO, April 7. Photo: Jeremy Klaszus

Calgary-North West (watch Tuscany Community video here)
April 4, Tuscany Club

Candidates present: Andrew Bradley (Alberta Party), Roberta McDonald (Independent), Cam Khan (Freedom Conservative Party), Sonya Savage (UCP)

Absent: Hafeez Chishti (NDP), Prerna Mahtani (Liberal)

April 10, Dover Community Association

Candidates present: Tanya Fir (UCP), Jaro Giesbrecht (Liberal), Ronald Reinhold (Alberta Party), Will Hatch (Alberta Independence Party), Sheyne Espey (Freedom Conservative Party).

Absent: Joe Pimlott (NDP)

Calgary-South East (watch Sprawl video here)

April 9, Cranston Century Hall

Candidates present: Rick Fraser (Alberta Party), Matt Jones (UCP), Heather Eddy (NDP), Richard Fontaine (Alberta Independence Party).

Absent: Leila Keith (Liberal)

Calgary-Varsity (watch Sprawl video here)
April 7, Varsity Community Association

Candidates present: Beth Barberree (Alberta Party), Ryan Campbell (Liberal), Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes (Green), Jason Copping (UCP), Anne McGrath (NDP).

Absent: Chris McAndrew (Alberta Independence Party)

Forum at Varsity Community Association, April 7. Photo: Jeremy Klaszus

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