Curious Calgary #1: Tunnels

Make your own Sprawl zine!

The Sprawl used to post comics on Instagram. But since Meta has blocked Canadian news on Facebook and Instagram in response to Bill C-18, we’ve had to get creative, playing with not just digital formats, but print ones too. Curious Calgary is a new mini-comics series by Sam Hester that is designed to be printed out at home—and passed around by hand as a zine! The entire comic fits onto a single page of 8 ½ by 11 paper. All you need is a printer.

Download this comic, print it at home and follow these instructions for how to fold and cut it.

Once you've got it down—share the goodness by passing a few around your neighbourhood! Stick some in a Little Free Library. Leave some at your local coffeeshop. Putting these within arm's reach of small children is encouraged. Be creative!

Fold, then cut—then distribute!

Putting these within arm’s reach of small children is encouraged. Be creative!

Sam Hester is a Calgary-based graphic recorder and longtime indie comics creator.

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