Students from Westmount Charter School write up a news report at the pop up newsroom. Photo: Jeremy Klaszus

The newsroom classroom

What we’re learning — and sharing — at the library.


Editor's note: When we opened a pop up newsroom at the Calgary Public Library in January, we had a foggy idea of what we might do there. We knew we wanted to engage Calgarians on the question of what's next for the city. We knew the project would be an experiment in civic engagement.

We didn't foresee all the school classes that would come through as part of City Hall School, Library School and other programs. Pretty soon we had emails from teachers asking if they could bring their classes on field trips so students could learn firsthand about local news.

Our newsroom unexpectedly turned into a classroom. And it's been a blast!

Here's the story of a visit from Grade 9 Westmount Charter School students earlier this week, as told by Sprawl comic artist Sam Hester (aka The Listener).

The Sprawl's pop up newsroom will be at the Central Library until mid-March and will culminate in a limited-run newspaper for Sprawl members, packed with exclusive content from a diverse group of local contributors.

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