The Sprawl is now in quiet mode.

Going away to cook up the next edition.

After two back-to-back Sprawl editions, we're packing up our tables and chairs and going away for a bit, as per the Sprawl Manifesto.

We began 2019 with The 2044 Edition, running a pop-up newsroom out of the Central Library. This edition culminated in an ad-free newspaper, all about the future of Calgary. (Become a Sprawler to get your copy!)

Mere days after the newspaper launch, the Alberta election kicked off—and with it, our Alberta Election Edition. We've spent the past month publishing investigations, recording Sprawlcasts, drawing comics and live streaming candidate forums around town.

Now it's time to rest and regroup.

This is core to what we do. It's point 3 of the Sprawl Manifesto: "In a world of noise, we embrace quiet. Periods of silence are built into The Sprawl’s design—and that’s a good thing. No one needs another incessant torrent of fragmented information flying at them. We go quiet so we can return with journalism that’s worth your time."

The more I do this work, the more I realize how important The Sprawl's "quiet mode" really is.

We'll be back with a new edition soon.

In the meantime, if you value our independent journalism, please consider becoming a Sprawl member. Most people chip in $5 a month. A lot of people contributing a little—that's what makes The Sprawl possible. You can sign up here.

Thanks for reading and listening—and see you soon!

Jeremy Klaszus is editor-in-chief of The Sprawl.

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