By Jamison, age 12 (see below for full comic).

Sprawl Kids: School’s out — and here’s what you told us

Time for your next assignment!

Hi kids!

In a newsroom, every day begins with a story meeting. This is where journalists gather to discuss the news of the day—what they think they should cover and how they should cover it. An assignment editor then assigns stories to specific journalists.

Here's how the Sprawl Kids version works. We're posting specific assignments each week in the form of questions. And YOU are the journalists! This is exactly what journalists do: we tell stories about what's happening in our communities.

Here's Sprawl Kids assignment #2: What is something on your street that makes you feel happy right now? Draw a picture of it.

The next step journalists do is called "filing." Here is how you file your story to The Sprawl's news desk: Have a parent post it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #sprawlkidsyyc and/or email it to by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 27. We'll post a selection of these stories to our website next week.

You're already on your way to becoming a real journalist, as you now have a deadline!

School's out, and here's what you said

Last week, for assignment #1, we asked: How are you feeling right now, with schools being closed?

We were overwhelmed by all the responses! Here's some of what local kids sent in. Tomorrow, we'll share a few more of the written submissions. You can see more at the hashtag #sprawlkidsyyc.

Lola, age 10, is a Grade 5 student. She likes dancing, singing, art and making TikToks. She thinks socializing is the most important part of school.
Nahla, age 10, is in grade 5. She hopes to become a small-animal veterinarian or a fantasy fiction writer. She loves writing, knitting, sewing, and tacos. Her favourite author is Philip Pullman.
Oliver, age 7.
David, age 8, is a Grade 3 student. He loves reading, building Legos, baking cookies and making his baby sister laugh.
Josie, age 6, is a Grade 1 student. She loves learning, science experiments, drawing and craft building.
Evan, age 6, is a Grade 1 student. He loves Lego, skiing (and doing tricks down the ski hill) and science experiments.
Bryce, age 7, is a Grade 2 student. She has trouble keeping her feet on the ground. She uses her strong voice to lead climate protests chants in Calgary.
Jamison, age 12, is a Grade 6 student. He enjoys drawing cartoons and playing rock music on his electric guitar. He hopes to become a cartoonist one day. Bunnies are his favourite animals, he has two pet bunnies: Flash and Dash.
Sukey, age 10, is a Grade 5 student. Often found behind a good book, writes to political officials to advocate for things like bike lanes in Calgary.
Erica, age 8, is a Grade 3 student. She thinks Calgary is the best place in the world to live. She likes acting, singing, and solving math problems.

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