Lennon, age 11, is a Grade 6 student.

Sprawl Kids: What I love about my street

Cats, squirrels and more!

This is a special section by local kids, for local kids. We're asking kids to share their own stories of what they're experiencing right now. The Sprawl is crowdfunded, ad-free and made in Calgary. Become a Sprawl member today to support independent local journalism!

Every day in our city, journalists work hard to tell stories of the people and places in our community. Journalism keeps us informed and connected to the the world around us, even when we're all hunkered down at home.

At its best, the news helps us see the world, and our own city—and even our own street!—with a new perspective. By hearing the stories of others, we come to understand each other a little better. And we deepen our understanding of the place where we live.

Here's how the Sprawl Kids version works. We post specific assignments each Wednesday and YOU get to be the journalists!

Here's Sprawl Kids assignment #3: Interview one of your parents or grandparents about their childhood. Specifically, ask them to tell you about a difficult time their family once had—and how they got through it.

  • Do the interview in person or remotely by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, etc.
  • Then make a short audio recording of yourself (three minutes max!) sharing what you learned.
  • Make sure to include: who you interviewed, what they said and what you learned from it.
  • You can get a parent to help you make a recording on a smartphone or computer. On iPhone, you can use the Voice Memos app. Android phones have similar apps.
  • It helps a lot to go into a quiet room and throw a blanket over your head, and the phone, while you're recording. Believe it or not, the journalists you hear on the radio do this to make a quality recording that can be broadcast on air!

Please listen to your recording afterward to make sure it's good and clear.

The next step journalists do is called "filing." Here's how you file your story to our news desk: Have a parent email your recording to hello@sprawlcalgary.com by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 3.

We plan to share some of these reports on Sprawlcast, our podcast/radio show. Have fun with it and stay safe!

Finding happiness on Calgary's streets

Last week, we asked: What is something on your street that makes you feel happy right now? Draw a picture of it.

Here are some of the reports we got back.

Zyler, age 9, is a Grade 4 student.
Heather, age 6, is a Grade 1 student.
Lyndon, age 8, is a Grade 2 student.
Lennon, age 11, is a Grade 6 student.
Holly, age 6.
Bryce, age 7, is a Grade 2 student.
Alexandra, age 7, is a Grade 2 student.
Kyara, age 12, is a Grade 6 student.

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